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Canva Providing Organisations With Tools For Compelling Content

Canva Providing Organisations With Tools For Compelling Content

Reflecting on his time at the Women In Sport Summit, Canva head of strategic partnerships, Jonathan Harley discussed how Canva is growing women’s sport and allowing organisations to create compelling content.

Growing women’s sport:

Commenting on Canva helping grow women’s sport, Harley said the company seeks to grow women’s sport like they try to grow all sports, which is through the heart of the visual economy.

“Whether you’re an athlete, organisation, or a team, you need to be able to communicate in a strong visual way,” Harley said.

“So, we’re working with a range of sporting organisations, including women’s sporting organisations, to really give them the tools to empower themselves to communicate in a compelling way, in this rich visual economy, where really, we’re creating and consuming more visual content than ever before,” he said.

Enabling organisations to create compelling content:

On Canva’s ability to enable companies to create compelling content to grow themselves, Harley said it comes down to their approach to partnerships in the sports industry.

“With women’s sport, we always start with the product, Canva is an incredibly powerful tool, whether it’s for content creation for social, presentations, video, or data visualisation, Canva really is this very effective unlock,” Harley said.

“That’s really where we start, we ask; what are the tools you need? What does your team need? What are the sorts of content that you’re creating? So, we can give you the tools or the templates to do so.

“The second step is really a bit of a strategic conversation around, what the challenges are? What do you need? Where are the roadblocks you might have in content creation? Or who are the audiences that you’re trying to reach or engage, especially at a fan level? So that’s where we start, because once that’s a strong foundation, you can build a bunch of stuff off it,” he said.

Additionally, Canva’s partnership approach has seen the company team up with the men’s and women’s sides of the Melbourne Victory, where the fan base has the chance to design the team’s away jersey.

To read the previous story from the Women In Sport Summit, where director of the Office for Women in Sport for the Victorian Government, Sarah Styles discussed how her office is making a difference for female athletes, click here.

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