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Buffalo Bills Getting Closer To New Stadium

Buffalo Bills Getting Closer To New Stadium

The Buffalo Bills are getting closer to having a new stadium, as steps are being taken to make it a reality.

The Erie Stadium Corp., a state-controlled corporation, has announced it will disburse the first US$300 million in state benefits with the aim of beginning construction in June.

New York State has pledged US$600 million in total funding, while Erie County will contribute another US$250 million.

This means that public funds will cover more than half the expected cost of the US$1.4 billion stadium.

The Bills and NFL will cover the remaining US$550 million and any cost overruns.

As part of the deal, the team will enter into a new 30-year lease.

The Stadium Corp. will also spend US$2.6 million on administrative staff to manage the construction of the stadium, while the state will purchase land owned by Erie County where the new stadium will be built.

The Bills are aiming to have their new stadium ready for the start of the 2026 season, with designs calling for a capacity of 60,000 to 63,000, with no roof.

However, the facility will have stacked seating and a canopy to offer some protection from the elements.

The Stadium Corp. has noted that the stadium would have been more expensive if it included a roof or was located in downtown Buffalo.

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