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Brisbane 2032 Olympics Legacy Project Revealed

Brisbane 2032 Olympics Legacy Project Revealed

The Committee for Brisbane has revealed its legacy paper for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games, titled ‘Brisbane 2033: Our Olympics and Paralympics Legacies’.

As part of the paper, the committee hopes to develop and advocate for policy initiatives and infrastructure projects that will deliver enduring economic, environmental, social and cultural dividends to build a thriving, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable community.

The vision as revealed in the paper states: “By 2023, south east Queensland will be a region of international renown, proudly recognised for the celebration of its rich, ancient cultures and its contemporary creativity.”

“It will have a thriving, sustainable and adaptable economy, anchored by a warm, open and inclusive community,” the paper said.

Following the release of the paper, Australian Olympic Committee president and International Olympic Committee vice-president, John Coates, addressed the committee on the sustainability of hosting the Olympics in Brisbane in 2032.

“As the first Games which are both carbon neutral and generate zero waste… Brisbane will have eyes on both the podium and the gentle earth it stands upon,” Coates said.

“I regard that as real leadership in action.

“It is not a done deal.

“There is much work to be done.

“It may well be Queensland’s time.

“And if so, you’ve earned it.

“You’ve planned for it.

“You’ve fought for it.

“If you are selected to host the Games, at the Opening Ceremony alone, the eyes of more than one half of the world’s population will look into your home and ask: what is life like there?” he said.

In the paper, the committee outlined four S.M.A.R.T. goals to guide the legacy projects for the 2032 Olympic Games, including:

  • Connected: people and ideas can move easily around our region, anywhere, anytime, anyhow
  • Creative: First Nations and contemporary cultures are celebrated contributors to community wellbeing and economic vitality
  • Enterprising: our regional economic ecosystems are founded upon knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship, delivered via structured government, business, and community collaboration
  • Equitable: all residents of our region have the same opportunities in life
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