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BNZ Joins Forces with NZ Breakers and Champions Junior Basketball

BNZ Joins Forces with NZ Breakers and Champions Junior Basketball

The dawn of the forthcoming Australian National Basketball League (NBL) season witnesses a transformation for New Zealand’s premier basketball team. The renowned New Zealand Breakers, now christened as the “BNZ Breakers,” have announced a strategic multi-year agreement with the Bank of New Zealand.

This alliance not only combines two paramount forces from the realms of sport and business, but it also promises to uplift grassroots basketball in New Zealand. Fresh off their recent naming rights sponsorship with the BNZ Northern Kāhu women’s basketball team, BNZ is continuing their support by partnering with Kiwi Hoops, Basketball New Zealand’s junior basketball initiative. The goal is to kindle a passion for basketball in young Kiwis and hone the skills of the next generation of players.

BNZ CEO Dan Huggins expresses immense enthusiasm for this venture, “Our involvement spans generations; from mentoring young talents via Kiwi Hoops, amplifying women’s basketball with the Northern Kāhu, to now supporting the pinnacle of professional basketball — the BNZ Breakers.”

In fact, Kiwi Hoops, which currently engages 26,000 kids annually, is set to expand its reach further, ensuring that more young people get introduced to the exhilarating world of basketball. This partnership signifies the bank’s dedication to not only advancing the sport but also fostering physical well-being and community bonds.

Matt Walsh, the majority owner of the Breakers, regards the partnership as a symbiotic one. He emphasises how basketball serves as a guiding light in communities, schools, and, most importantly, in the lives of players like Tom Abercrombie, who stands testament to the transformative power of the sport.

Shifting the spotlight to the club’s community-centric ethos, the BNZ Breakers’ Champions Programme is noteworthy. It empowers children aged 5-12, educating them about goal-setting, nutrition, active lifestyles, and fundamental basketball techniques.

Dillon Boucher, CEO of Basketball New Zealand, is optimistic about this collaboration. He believes that by joining forces with BNZ, they can solidify the future of basketball in New Zealand, nurturing the sport at the grassroots and paving the way for future champions.

Concluding on an anticipatory note, Huggins says, “Basketball transcends sport; it’s about growing the holistic well-being of New Zealanders. We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re eager to witness the myriad of possibilities these partnerships unfold.”

A monumental event awaits fans next month. As the BNZ Breakers clash with the Cairns Taipans at Spark Arena on September 30, it will also commemorate club captain Tom Abercrombie’s 400th game. A stalwart of the team, Abercrombie’s accolades are unparalleled. As speculations about this possibly being his swansong season emerge, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The echoes of legacy, future prospects, and the sheer passion for the sport are set to converge in what promises to be an unforgettable season opener. Let the games begin!

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