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Athletics Australia Boost Performance With R3Hydr8 Partnership

Athletics Australia Boost Performance With R3Hydr8 Partnership

R3Hydr8, an Australian sports beverage and nutrition company, has partnered with Athletics Australia to provide athletes with electrolyte drinks to meet their fuelling and hydration needs.

Dedicated to providing a high-performance, all-natural and sustainable ways to fuel sportspeople from amateur to professional, R3Hydr8 approved by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)for banned substances by using HASTA, an independent ISO accredited laboratory.

Athletics Australia CEO, Darren Gocher, said that R3hydr8 is a great partnership that will help all athletes moving forward.

“R3Hydr8 is a new business and we are looking forward to helping them cement their connection with Australians,” Mr Gocher said.

“We look forward to seeing R3hydr8 out in force at the Australian Cross-Country Championships in Kembla Grange on Saturday August 24,” he added.

R3hydr8 provides products formulated by Accredited Sports Dietitians, who have extensive experience in both research and the practical applications of sports nutrition before, during and after exercise and is designed to optimise carbohydrate and fluid absorption from the gut, and replace sodium according to the average athlete’s losses.

R3hydr8 CEO, Karl Longley, said the partnership was a great step forward for their company.

“Partnering with Athletics Australia was the natural choice for R3hydr8 to launch into the Australian marketplace and the world, as their high-performance hydration needs are second to none,” Longley said.

“Athletics Australia’s high-performance athletes, extensive grass-roots and community programs plus a long history of exceptional results mirror the vision R3hydr8 will have for the years ahead”.

R3Hydr8’s Accredited Sports Dietitian, Alan McCubbin, has worked with Athletics Australia’s dietician and medical team to ensure the product meets the criteria in the Athletics Australia Supplement Policy as well as being HASTA batch tested for WADA banned substances.

“No two track and field events are the same, and not all athletes will have the same fuelling and hydration needs,”

“We have been liaising closely with the team at Athletics Australia to ensure that through R3Hydr8, athletes will receive all the necessary carbohydrates and electrolytes to perform at their best,” Mr McCubbin said.

R3Hydr8 is a progressive sport, health and well-being company, based in Victoria Australia with a simple mission to create a cleaner, healthier way to fuel sportspeople from grassroots to elite levels and to improve the health and wellbeing of the wider general community at large.

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