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AI-Powered Cultural Analytics Driving Change in Australian Sports

AI-Powered Cultural Analytics Driving Change in Australian Sports

With Australia standing at the crossroads of a demographic revolution, the significance of its Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities is more prominent than ever. A remarkable 30% of Australians were born overseas, which is a testament to the country’s rich multicultural fabric, highlighted by over 300 languages spoken around Australia. This growing diversity is steadily influencing the dynamics of the nation’s sports sector.

Reg Raghavan, CEO of CulturalPulse notes, “There are good marketers who recognise Australia’s diversity and the distinct behaviour of CALD cultures. These brands comprehend the need for a unique approach to influence and build trust. When consumers see a reflection of themselves, they engage more positively.”

Reg Raghavan: CEO of CulturalPulse

Understanding the depth of this diversity, a 2019 Deloitte study revealed how cultural nuances impact sports consumption and participation. Children from CALD backgrounds, for instance, are 20% less likely to participate in organised sports than their non-CALD counterparts.

Australia’s sports domain, from grassroots clubs to prominent national entities, boasts around 9.7 million registered participants as of 2020. The 2021 Nielsen report indicates that fans who are deeply engaged spend 40% more than their less-involved peers, underlining the importance of engagement.

Recent demographic shifts within the sporting community can’t be ignored. A notable 15% increase in female sports participation over the past five years was highlighted by a 2020 Roy Morgan study. And with an ageing population showing diminished interest, it’s crucial to engage younger and more varied communities.

CulturalPulse’s innovative data solution, AskGenie, emerges as a game-changer in this scenario. This AI-driven cultural analytics tool aggregates data from multiple sources, helping sporting organisations to tap into the cultural diversity market that in 2019 alone contributed an estimated AUD 1.2 billion in ticket sales. By analysing this data alongside Census statistics, AskGenie provides invaluable cultural insights,identifying under-represented or over-represented demographics for targeted strategies.

Utilising AskGenie’s capabilities, sports organisations can identify High-Value Customer Growth and Retention Segments, measure Marketing & Communications efforts, and create CALD-specific customer journeys. The 12% increase in sports engagement among CALD communities in 2020 underscores the urgency for culturally-sensitive strategies. AskGenie’s insights empower organisations to recalibrate their outreach, capturing a wider cross-section of Australia’s diverse population.

PwC’s 2019 report, which projected a potential AUD 800 million revenue shortfall from missed opportunities due to non-adaptation, sounds the alarm. In the intricate landscape of Australian sports, tools like AskGenie are essential, granting a competitive edge.

In an age characterised by swift demographic transitions, cultural analytics serve as the guiding beacon. Organisations that heed these changes and evolve will not only survive but thrive, solidifying their position in Australia’s AUD 15 billion plus annual sports market.

For those interested in delving deeper into these insights, Reg Raghavan will be presenting at the upcoming STWS Conference on August 31.

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