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AFL Chief Executive Gillon McLachlan Steps Down

AFL Chief Executive Gillon McLachlan

AFL Chief Executive Gillon McLachlan Steps Down

Australian Football League (AFL) ceo, Gillon McLachlan has confirmed he has resigned from his role, after an eight-year tenure.

McLachlan had previously signalled his intention to move away from the role prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, after giving AFL chairman, Richard Goyder his assurance he would help rebuild the competition through the difficult times, McLachlan re-committed.

He is set to have a massive part in electing his successor, as the game continues to move on without him.

McLachlan’s departure comes timely after the completion of the sixth AFLW series, in which he was key in setting up and helping grow.

In a press conference on Tuesday morning, AFL chairman, Richard Goyde said: “Gill advisied me on the weekend of his intention to step down as the CEO of the AFL at the end of 2022,” he said

“From my point of view and the commissions point of view, it’d be correct to say that we are not happy with that decision but we are completely supportive of it”.

“Gill’s always said to me that he wanted to go at the top of his game at a time of his choosing and when the AFL was in a good of shape as it could be, I think that’s fair play.”

“He’s [Gill] has committed to a plan for 2022, he and his team will do a new broadcast deal, including new CBA’s for the men and women.”

An emotional McLachlan admitted it was the right time to leave, saying: “I think this timeline gives Richard and the commission the right runway to work through the succession process,” he said.

“It always us, me and the team to work the time to work out on what we need to do to… because the reality is there is still four or five massive things that need to get done.”

“Its an honour and privilege to serve this game, it’s the best game in the world, that’s why everyone loves it so much”.

“I feel better that the game is in better shape now, than when I took over, I’m leaving now because it feels right for me, for the AFL and for my family”.

“The AFL’s in incredible shape… on whatever metric you assess it, the footy’s back pumping with a clear pan for continued growth and I feel good about that.”

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