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Adam Hyman: Levelling the playing field in grassroots sports sponsorship

Adam Hyman: Levelling the playing field in grassroots sports sponsorship

In our Eighth interview of our Annual Conference speaker series, we talk with CEO and Co-Founder of Sportility, Adam Hyman.

Looking at everything that has and hasn’t worked in the sports marketing industry in the past year, whilst also showcasing major players, innovators and game changers disrupting the sports industry – these interviews will offer a preview to the kind of insights on display to administrators in November.

With the Annual Conference at QT Gold Coast on Thursday, November 15th drawing near, you can find more information about the event on our event page or for ticket purchases you can visit oztix here.

After spending most of his life immersed in amateur and professional sports, Adam has been able to build a business disrupting the grassroots sports sponsorship model globally. In 2017 when Adam launched Sportility, his vision to grant teams access to professional sports gear and provide a new marketing channel for brands to advertise on sports uniforms became a reality.

Sportility is a platform that connects brands to teams for sponsorship, granting access to affordable and professional gear. Led by Adam’s passion and determination, Sportility has now grown to support over 50,000+ sports people across Australia and the USA, with 14 staff in their Sydney HQ and has attracted a diverse range of brands like Wisr, Specsavers, Spacer, Humanitix, Illawarra Taxi Network and Hutchinson Builders.

1. What will you be covering during your presentation at the Ministry of Sports Annual Conference?

Amateur sports teams and clubs need sponsorship to survive. Traditionally amateur sports sponsorship has been an inaccessible, unmeasurable and unscalable marketing channel for brands to tap into. This presentation will explore the amateur sports sponsorship ecosystem and how your brand, team or club can tap into this highly engaged channel for targeted exposure and engagement.

2. What are the key learnings that attendees will take away?

  1. Insight into the amateur sports ecosystem and key trends.
  2. How to unlock amateur sports as an effective marketing channel.
  3. Why amateur sports participants are your best brand advocates.

3. Why is this presentation important for sports administrators right now?

Unlike traditional marketing channels, Sportility provides a targeted online and offline marketing channel to reach grassroots sports participants and supporters globally. Currently, there is no other platform of this kind that exists in the marketplace. Find out how you can take advantage of this innovative new marketing channel.

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