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Join Ministry of Sport founder, Ben Parsons, Netball Australia CEO, Kelly Ryan, Australian sports tech professional and current board member of Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN), John Persico, and guests talking sports business where no one is left out. They will gamble their reputations of conversation on the outcome of various weekly sports events and moves in the game. Who got it right or wrong? Find out with five topics each and every podcast with their prediction in the sports business world.

The five topics discussed in this week’s podcast:

  • Broadcast Deals
  • Athletes Media Companies position
  • Australian Athlete Data Debate
  • Study of Careers in Sport
  • New SXSW Event

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Episode 2

I think it is going to cause a huge disruption to broadcast.. If I were a non sponsor of sport and going into sport that’s where I would be  – Ben on Athlete Media Companies

This episode is no longer available.
But there’s plenty more to explore on!

The five topics discussed in this week’s podcast:

  • Transgender athlete debate
  • Netball Australia’s financial position
  • Australian Government handouts
  • Low crowds at sporting venues
  • New LIV Golf series obligations

Ep1 Stakeholder Exclusive: Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan Speaks Candidly About The Rumours And Facts.

Netball Australia has released its 2021 financial results following its Annual General Meeting (AGM), showing a $4.4 million loss in the financial year, $1.6 million more than 2020, citing the ongoing impact of COVID-19 restrictions around Australia.

The financial results come after lengthy reports the sport, and the Suncorp Super Netball league, are in a dire financial position and could be facing an end to the league due to the state of finances.

Outlined in the report is confirmation Netball Australia’s bank borrowings currently sit at $4.2 million, with a comment in the announcement suggesting the “loans are in the process of being extended to 2025 to maintain an investment focus after two pandemic-impacted years”.