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Australian Cricket’s Resilient Bounce Back and the Challenges Ahead

Australian Cricket’s Resilient Bounce Back and the Challenges Ahead

Last week’s Australian Cricket Census for the 2022-23 season, revealed a 5% jump in registered participation. This growth, incrementing from 598,931 to 627,693, edges cricket closer to its pre-COVID peak of 710,000. A primary driver behind this expansion is the 4% boost in participants in Woolworths Cricket Blast and Club Cricket. This uptick, swelling the figures from 393,921 to 409,642, aligns with Australian Cricket’s strategic growth priorities. The release of the Census coinciding with Play Cricket Week provided an opportune moment to highlight initiatives, such as elite players connecting with community clubs, aiming to enhance registrations for the upcoming season.

Furthermore, female participation has been a game-changer, with a massive 26% surge. Now, girls account for 27% of all Woolworths Cricket Blast participants. The meteoric rise of the Australian women’s cricket team on the global stage and the resounding success of the WBBL has undoubtedly played a part. Innovative program delivery methods, like before/after school schemes, have further bolstered Woolworths Cricket Blast registrations by 24%.

The sport’s appeal post the T20 World Cup has grown exponentially, especially within the South-Asian community. Eye-catching statistics include a significant 60% growth for South-Asian girls and a 16% uptick for boys. These figures are a testament to Cricket Australia’s dedicated efforts to foster inclusive and engaging community clubs and pathways.

However, challenges do remain. A 2% decrease among juniors aged 11 and below pinpoints the lingering impacts of pandemic disruptions. To counter this, Cricket Australia aims to double the participation rates of 5 to 12-year-olds. Central to this plan is the reimagined Woolworths Cricket Blast program.

James Allsopp, CA General Manager of Community Cricket and Capability, weighed in on the Census, stating, “We are absolutely delighted that so many people are playing cricket and that the 2022-23 Cricket Census figures again show the health of the game across Australia remains strong. As always, we’re incredibly grateful to the volunteers in clubs, associations and Woolworths Cricket Blast centres. It’s particularly pleasing to see the rise in women’s cricket and the growth in participation by South Asian communities. At the same time, we understand the challenges all sports face and are confident in the strategies we have in place for continued strong growth in the future.”

Amid the shifting sands of the sports world, Australian cricket demonstrates steadfast adaptability and resilience. These latest figures emphasise the sport’s enduring appeal and its continued relevance in Australia. With a vision that is inclusive, strategic, and forward-looking, cricket’s future in Australia seems to be on a promising wicket.


  • Total Registered Participation: Increased from 598,931 to 627,693 (+5%).
  • Registered participation in Cricket Clubs (Jnr & Snr) and Woolworths Cricket Blast: Increased from 393,921 to 409,642 (+4%).
  • Registered participation among females in Cricket Clubs and Woolworths Cricket Blast: Increased from 40,143 to 50,377 (+26%).
  • Kids Aged 5-12: Increased from 116,000 to 129,000 (+11%).
  • Woolworths Cricket Blast registrations: Increased from 56,464 to 69,879 (+24%).
  • Junior club cricket registrations: Remained consistent with 108,100 children registered to play.
  • South-Asian boys and girls aged 5-12 registered for participation: Girls +60%, Boys +16%.
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