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Liverpool Become First Sports Team To Offer YouTube Membership

Liverpool Become First Sports Team To Offer YouTube Membership

English Premier League powerhouse club, Liverpool, has become the first sports team to offer YouTube membership to fans, for enhanced video packages and exclusive content.

As part of the subscription, which is set to start at $1.88 AUD per month, will provide members with access to four additional weekly shows, live match reactions and behind-the-scenes content.

The club currently boasts the biggest YouTube channel in all of English soccer, with 3.4 million subscribers and over one billion minutes of content watched in 2019, making the reigning champions have the highest earning potential of any professional soccer club on YouTube, according to a recent report.

Liverpool senior vice president, digital, media and marketing, Drew Crisp, said Liverpool’s original free content will still be available for those not wanting to sign on as YouTube members.

“With the YouTube memberships launch, we are giving fans a more flexible opportunity to access premium content, while also helping us to serve them our award-winning videos on the platform they love,” Crisp said.

According to the recent report on earning potential on YouTube, Liverpool could potentially earn just under $1 million a month through Adsense revenue, combining how much a partner pays per 1000 vies, and estimated earnings from merchandise sales.

YouTube’s Europe, Middle East and Africa head of sport, Tomos Grace, said Liverpool’s decision to join the YouTube membership program is just going to bring more success to the already world-renowned club.

“This product represents a new opportunity for sports organisations to reach a global audience, and Liverpool FC, with its large fan base, is well positioned for success by providing fans even more of the content they love most,” Grace said.

In addition to the extra video packages and exclusive content to be published to the membership page of the YouTube channel, members will also receive access to exclusive Liverpool emojis and loyalty badges, as well as access to the YouTube membership community to engage with the club and other members.

The reigning Champions League winners are clearly paving the way for sports clubs in the digital space with this move, becoming the first sports club in the world to offer exclusive extra content with a YouTube membership product.

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